Child Birth Astrology

Child Prediction Horoscope for Pregnancy by Astrology

Once a person gets married, all their happiness lies in becoming parents. No degree of materialistic comforts can equal the joy evolving own kid. All prayer & aspirations of life revolve around welcoming that ‘bundle of joy’ in the form of their child. The very thought of bringing a fresh lease of life into this world sounds very sweet and soothing to married couples. Also, to some extent, married couples have a social obligation to discipline children after their marriage.

When married couples are blessed with a child, it means that the world to them (it does not matter whether it is a boy or a girl) but if they are blessed with a boy kid specially, then this gives an assurance to the continuity of the cast or the clan to which the father belongs. Unfortunately, the blessing of having a baby isn’t one thing that’s presented on each couple and a few of them World Health Organization do get to become a biological parent, often face lots of issues and delays. So why will a few expertise issues in bearing a child?

Astrologically, houses involved in the birth of a child are:

  • 2nd House: It signifies family
  • 5th House: It’s the prime house of children.
  • 11th House: whereas along with the 2nd and or 5th houses, the 11th house signifies gain of children.

Here, it should even be noted that influence of homes first, 4th and 10th by planets indicate that the native is not likely to have a child. Therefore, in the horoscopes of both the husband & wife, all planets are looked at to analyze their results based on a number of factors such as:

The houses that they are placed in:

  • Their Lordships of houses
  • The aspects that they are casting and the aspects that are being casted upon them
  • Their conjuctions with other planets
  • Nakshatras that the planets are into and much more.

So, is it safe to express that planets having their effects in 2nd, 5th & 11th houses promote child birth and planets having their effects in 1st? 4th & 10th houses negate child birth?

Well yes, still it is not so easy as there are a lot more factors involved as per specific horoscopes from case to case basis that are to be decoded and analyzed by an experienced astrologer like:

  • How will the pregnancy periods pan out?
  • Is there a risk of miscarriage signified by the planets?
  • Is there a risk of abortion?
  • Will it be a natural birth or a birth from a surgery?
  • Type of sign present in the 5th house


Malefices like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu indicate a turbulent pregnancy period, a risk of bortion/miscarriage when they are operational in the Mahadasha, Dasha or the Antardasha and also especially when they transit or aspect the aspect the 5th house.

Placement, appearance and transit of Mars is carefully analyzed in order to determine whether the child will be borne by a natural birth or through a surgery.

It needs also be noted that Jupiter is the prime significator planet for child birth.

It is the early planet that is looked for its placement when looking for child birth.

An astrologer looks 5th house as it impacts pregnancy & childbirth to a great extent out of 12 horoscope signs. Some signs in the 5th house is considered as “Fertile Signs”, some as “Infertile Signs” and some as “Indecisive Signs” as far as pregnancy and child birth are concerned.

Fertile Signs:

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

Infertile Signs:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Virgo

Indecisive Signs:

  • Taurus
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius


Positive traits in a horoscope for pregnancy and ultimately child birth are:

  • Presence of a fertile sign in the 5th house.
  • Jupiter well placed in the horoscope.
  • Jupiter aspecting the 5th house.
  • Presence of the lord of 5th house in the 1st house or the lord of 1st house present in the 5th house.


But, the negatives or complication in the path of achieving a successful pregnancy and child birth are much more and it must to looked at from a numerous angle.

As told above, Jupiter involves very important role play to planet that decides successful child birth during pregnancy.

But, if Jupiter is placed in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, then it causes serious hurdles in child birth.

Similarly, the lord of 5th house placed in any of the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, causes problems in child birth.

This coefficient an infertile sign present in the 5th house, makes it very difficult for having a child.

As per astrology presence of rahu in the 5th house is considered highly negative for the children part of one’s married part.

If such a situation exits in a horoscope then, either Jupiter should be expecting the 5th house to pacify Rahu or the spouse’s horoscope must have a positive 5th house or at least Jupiter expecting the 5th house in his/her horoscope.

if any one of the couples have any negative characteristics present in his/her horoscope, then the other one should have a positive horoscope for child birth, so that both horoscopes must eventually balance out for a positive.