Pearl / Moti


The Vedic astrology denotes pearl as the moon. The moon basically represents the human mind and has a direct impact on your thinking. By wearing a pearl, you can have several advantages.

Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj

yellow sapphire pukhraj

Jupiter is the planet that is associated with the Yellow Sapphire. Doubtlessly, it is the most expensive gemstone available. It rings good health, fame, financial gain, prosperity and longevity.

Blue Sapphire / Neelam

blue saphhire

Blue Sapphire and planet Saturn are linked together. This gemstone has all the peculiarities of Saturn and directly relates to the hard working people. If you will do the work the hard effects, definitely the blue sapphire works for you.

Emerland / Panna

octagon green emerald

Planet Mercury is associated with this stone. Popularly known as panna, it is helpful in keeping the mind calm and work properly. It shows a strong effect on those who are doing business.

Coral / Moonga


Coral is a gemstone that represents the planet Mars. If someone has the good effect of Mars in the horoscope, then he/she must wear the coral as it enhances the strength of the Mars.


ceylon gomed stone

A honey colored gemstone, Gomed has a special place in the Hindu astrology. It keeps you away from all the negative vibes and energies. Not only this, it is also helpful in bringing relief from depression, anxiety and mental problems.

Cats Eye

Cats eye

The Cat’s eye resembles the neem fruit having silver streak. This gemstone is generally worn to clear all the obstacles come into your path because of the evil effects. Those who want to have the higher position can wear this.

Ruby / Manik

ruby manik

Ruby, one of the costly gemstone represents the planet Sun. it is worn to enhance the power of the sun into your horoscope. By wearing it you invite good health and promotion in the government services. It also keeps you safe from your enemies.

Diamond / Opal


Diamond, girl’s best friend is connected to the planet Venus. It is believed that the females are from this planet. It symbolizes the beauty and femininty. It brings strength and makes your married life happy.